Strategic Issues

I have added  previous files of company information as well as part 1 and part 2 outline to use for this part 3 that i have  to coorelate the  numbers that it asks for.For instance number  6.1   Evaluating Current Strategies and Major Strategic Issues, says to use  Section 4.1.6 found in part 2 outline. for 5. Swot analysis you would only need to do the  threats doesnt have  to be long maybe half a page or less to focus on the other sections mainly. 5. SWOT Analysis Hints (also for sub-sections): A.    This section is critical to the overall quality of your project; B.    Read TWICE all the draft of external and internal analysis prepared your colleagues when you start this part. C.     Please read carefully Chapter 4 about SWOT analysis. D.    Keep in mind that S & W are related to the internal analysis, and O & T are related to the external analysis; but you need to consider them all simultaneously to get SWOT. The rationale for integrated thinking is shown below in more details. E.     The whole team should work together through discussions and meetings to identify and justify the SWOT. F.     You may find several SWOT analysis for the Company in UHV library databases for your reference. However, your SWOT analysis should be logical outcomes of your external (especially industry driving forces and key success factors) and internal analysis. In other word, your previous analysis must support your SWOT analysis. Besides the existing SWOT analysis from other sources, you should also read other various reports on the Company for more insights. G.    Don’t just copy SWOT from elsewhere. You need to modify them according to your own analysis, and also offer your own justification. H.    Strengths are about the Company’s core competencies/intangible resources (more or less compared with competitors). I.      Weaknesses are about the Company’s inability (using firm’s resources and capabilities) to overcome its challenges from external environment. J.      Opportunities are those external characters/changes/challenges that the Company has resources and capabilities to overcome or meet them. K.    Threats are those characters/changes/challenges beyond the company’s control, and/or the firm has no sufficient capabilities and resources to overcome or meet them; L.     At the end of Section 5, you need to have some analysis on the interwoven nature between S & W and O & T by offering the details related to above hints F to I. M.  (APA format)   5.4 Threats   do this section half a page or  less 6. Strategy Recommendations Hints (also for sub-sections): A.    Keep in mind that “a good company situation analysis, like good industry and competitive analysis, is a valuable precondition for good strategy making.” (quoted from our textbook, Chapter 4) B.    The whole team should work together to get the recommendations proposed and justified through discussions and meetings. C.     The recommendation ideas should be sent to the instructor through Blackboard message on the same due date of Part 2 Outline. However, your part 2 outline shouldnot include your recommendation ideas. D.    The instructor will offer some feedback on the recommendation ideas before you submit your complete draft. Keep in mind that your complete draft for Part 2 should include Section 6. E.     Your recommendations should naturally and logically come from your SWOT analysis and address the issues identified in Section 6.1. F.     Raise two (or three) major strategic issues, and each of your recommendations addresses one issue.  G.    As you will have detailed analysis in sub-sections, just a few introduction/summary paragraphs are needed under this section title. (APA format) 6.1 Evaluating Current Strategies and Major Strategic Issues Hints: A.    This section is crucial to the success of your conference presentation. B.    This is a critique of current strategies and therefore closely related to Section 4.1.6; C.     Please read Chapter 4 and 8 of our textbook to get some basic knowledge. D.    Please summarize the Company’s current strategies (i.e. a summary of Section 4.1.6) first. E.     Please evaluate its current strategies according to the following aspects: How did the strategies fulfill Insperity’s vision and mission statement? How did the strategies fully grasp the market opportunities by exploiting the company’s core competencies and resources? How did the strategies properly handle the weakness of the firm and mitigate the existing and potential threats? How are the strategies clearly defined and implemented in a consistent way? (As Chapter 10 of our textbook discussed, strategy execution is also a source of competitive advantage.) How does the Company’s corporate strategy promote its sustainable competitive advantage? F.     Consider the following questions when identifying the strategic issues (i.e., problems/deficiencies/room to improve): How do its strengths fit the external opportunities? How do its strategies fit its mission statement? How do its strategies fit market and industrial conditions? G.    Identify two or three most important issues that you would like to address in your strategy recommendation part (where each recommendation addresses each of the issues). Tell readers why these two or three are more important than other possible issues. H.    Keep in mind that the analysis you give here should be a foundation for your recommendations. Also your analysis here should be consistent with your analysis in previous sections.

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